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Message Sent...

“Art must unite, overcome and overcome what divides! It is something that is easily done and the proof is that people of different classes, age, gender, color, religion, political beliefs, can have fun in the same place … “.

The Band

There are many reasons to create a new band, but in the case of No Name Dogs it all came out in the most beautiful and humane way. A simple conversation between friends, like another kind of psychotherapy.

Name Tag

The name was a spontaneous act: The band members wanted a name that could be associated with as many people as possible. And here we are dealing with the Unknown Friend (Dog = faithful friend in Argo)!

Melodic Lines

The melodic experiments of all of them, as well as their many different sounds, led to more Heavy Rock / Metal sounds, but without being able to fit under just one “label” music. The ideal for No Name Dogs is for everyone to name their tunes as they like, after first listening to them.

Every note, every word of the lyrics is an experiential moment.


It is one of those beautiful moments that the creators “seek” to find those who will identify with them.
They want to find others with common experiences and connection points – communication, without the commercial pressure!
What the band wants is to pass the message of their songs, as quickly, loosely and completely as possible, giving food for thought to the listener, but without puffing him up!

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