NoName Dogs... with names!

Charis Kontaxis

Charis was born in Athens and grew up in the western suburbs, his roots ranging from all areas of Greece (Epirus, Central Greece and Constantinople). He has a variety of musical stimuli from a young age. He started keyboard lessons at 10 years old, influenced by the electronic music of the early 80’s. His musical tastes encompass the entire music spectrum of funk, jazz, soul and blues, but the “obsession” with rock and metal via the Greek metal scene was passed into him like a “virus”. He doesn’t follow the logic of tribute or cover bands, with the sole exception of some covers that he had every reason to render in his own completely different way.

Petros Malahias

Petros started playing music when he was 8 years old. Although he began playing piano, he very quickly realized that the musical instrument that suited him was the electric guitar. He holds various RGT degrees from the London College of Music. He is influenced by rock, alternative rock and metal music.

Giorgos Motakis

Bass Guitar
Giorgos was born and raised “musically” in Chios Island. His first contact with the electric bass was during high school and it proved pivotal for the following years. In the beginning, Giorgos was influenced by rock and funk, with the addition of jazz and fusion. The electro-classical guitar was and is parallel in his life, but it never surpassed the vibrations and emotions from the low frequency notes in combination with the groove that bass and drum provide. Endless hours of experimentation in his home studio supplemented experiences in both home recording and digital music programming which finally found their purpose at the right place and time with No Name Dogs.

Bill Rodostoglou

Bill started playing music at a very young age, growing up in a family of musicians with his father being the guitarist of Crush (Greek heavy metal band). Bill describes his first encounter with drums: “It was strange for me because at first I was afraid of drums, until it was time to sit down and play. I remember I was about 10 years old and I went to the rehearsals of Crush with my father and that time I tried to play, then magically this fear disappeared. My musical influences come from both, the rock and Greek folk scene which I like to combine and adapt to the needs of each song”.

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